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Aqua Control – Arduino based software

AquaControl is software based on Arduino hardware. It is able to control and monitor an aquarium. It’s highly customizable and easy to use because of on screen menu. All settings could be saved to the EEPROM memory.

AquaControl arduino


– OLED display
– automatic RGB LED light control (I am using 3x20cm LED strips)
– display and sound notifications
– low/high temperature warnings
– maintenance day and “day before” notifications
– shows current temperature and time
– customizable user menu
– status icons (some of them animated)
– automatic OLED sleep
– automatic OLED wake up when some event has been raised

In the new version:
– simulated sunrise and sunset (30 minute interval)
– display the current brightness on the OLED
– sound for the upcoming maintenance day (eg. to prepare the water for standing)
– sound for the day of maintenance
– low or high water temperature audible alarm