Sony FX30 / low light test / LOG vs noLOG shooting (in 45s :-)

LOG vs noLOG shooting. Noise vs high dynamic range.

On Sony FX30 dual ISO works only, when LOG shooting is ON. The advantage is better dynamic range because camera gain is not used.

If you switch FX30 to LOG Shooting mode and set base ISO to 2500, camera stays on Gain 0dB (!!), ISO sensitivity 2500 and Exposure index will be 6400 if you set “ISO” to 6400). The reason is better dynamic range. Level of noise is not so good, bacause denoise filters are deactivated.
See this screenshot:

If you switch LOG Shooting to OFF, and set ISO 6400, the camera raise camera Gain do 40dB and switch denoise filters ON (you can not changed it manually). The noise is supressed (because of denoise filters active), but the dynamic range is much worse. Screen:

Youtube video compression suppress a lot of noise, please check screenshots below to see real noise levels:

LOG Shooting ON, gama sLog3, base ISO: 2500, EI: 6400:

LOG Shooting OFF, gama: Cinema2, ISO: 6400:

LOG Shooting OFF, gama: sLog3, ISO: 6400:

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